The Catholic University of America

How Advising Works at CUA
You will make many important decisions during your four years at CUA. No matter what you are considering—from a career or a major to an individual class or an extra-curricular activity—CUA’s advisors will be available to guide you.
Undergraduate Advisor
Particularly during your first year at CUA, Undergraduate Advisors provide guidance in academic development, acclimation to college, and navigating CUA resources. Undergraduate Advisors are the primary mentor for Exploratory students and are an essential point of contact as these students move toward a major. Also working alongside Major Advisors to plan students’ course sequences, Undergraduate Advisors help students to choose meaningful sets of courses to fulfill degree requirements and to go beyond their majors. Each first-year student is assigned to a particular Undergraduate Advisor, who is also matched to all members of that student's Learning Community.  
To get in touch with an Undergraduate Advisor, stop by McMahon B-10 or contact your individual advisor here.
Major Advisor & Faculty
Major Advisors specialize in your area of study, so they will be the main point of contact for advice about your major field and opportunities within it. But they are also great resources for thinking about how your major fits in with everything else you're doing. You will consult with your Major Advisor about classes, especially courses offered in your school or department and about requirements for your major. Major Advisors are typically faculty members in the school or department of your major, and they will take on a mentoring role, guiding you as a student in the field and helping to prepare you for jobs or graduate studies. To find out who your Major Advisor is, visit your “Student Center” page in Cardinal Station. Learn more about selecting a major here
Students can also receive valuable advising from faculty members other than their official advisors. We encourage all students to meet with their professors outside of class, not only to learn more about course material, but also to build mentoring relationships that will deepen students' educational experiences. 
Peer Advisor
Some of the best advice comes from those who share your experience. CUA offers various student-to-student advising resources, linking undergraduates with peer mentors and guides. For first-year students, Orientation Advisors—student leaders who guide new students through the Orientation process—provide a fundamental connection to the CUA community.
Student Life
CUA’s advising community provides resources for students both inside and outside of the classroom. From the Office of Residence Life, professional Community Directors and undergraduate Resident Assistants live in CUA residence halls and work to create a friendly, supportive, and engaging residential environment for students. At the Office of the Dean of Students, professional staff members offer support and services relating to the academic, personal, practical, and social aspects of students’ experience. 
Other Advisors & Services


Academic Coach

Students can request to meet with an Undergraduate Advisor for academic coaching to implement goals and receive support tailored to each individual.


Pre-professional Advisor

CUA offers pre-professional advising for students interested in medical or health-related careers, and for students interested in attending law school.


Honors Advisor

Students in the University Honors Program meet with Honors advisors to learn about Honors classes and special opportunities in the Program.



Career Services

The Office of Career Services provides a variety of resources and services that assist students (and alumni) in reaching their goals for employment.