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          –Thomas Mann

Advising: Year Two

Consider minors and certificate programs
Research internships and other opportunities  
Review post-graduate goals

You've already got one year under your belt. It's time to touch base with your advisors and make sure you're on track to meet your goals.


Consider Minors and Certificate Programs

As a sophomore, you've now completed your Learning Community courses, you've probably taken a few other electives either connected or unconnected with your major, and you're increasing your course experiences this year. What do you do with all of those classes outside of your major? Where are those classes leading you, and where do you want them to take you in the future? Now is a great time to consider forming some of your classes into a minor, an interdisciplinary minor, or a certificate. You can also make more intentional use of classes outside of your major by thinking about course clusters.


Research Internships and Other Opportunities

Most of your freshman year will be dedicated to getting acclimated to college. In your sophomore year, you will be better able to start planning for the future. This is the perfect time to plan and prepare for opportunities like study abroad and internships. Set up an appointment with the office of Career Services to update your resume and work on your interview skills. Visit the CUAbroad website to learn about study abroad programs for students in your major. With a little research, you can discover innumerable opportunities


Review Post-Graduate Goals

Perhaps your future is becoming more clear: Are you planning to go to graduate school? Law school? Medical school? Your advisor can connect you with the appropriate resources on campus to help you achieve your goals. Talk to your major advisor if you're thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in the field of your major. If you're planning to start a job right after graduation, it's important to start networking right away. Your advisors are here to help as you begin to prepare for life after college.