The Catholic University of America

The Big Picture: Your Education at CUA

Broad and deep. Practical and meaningful. Intellectual, spiritual, and personal. A true education should be all of these.

Your education should both introduce you to the best that has been thought, done, and said and prepare you to think, do, and say some of the best that is yet to come. It should equip you to see problems clearly and seek their solutions creatively. It should challenge you to become the person you are called to be.

This education is yours at The Catholic University of America. Professors and advisors will help you to pursue a well-integrated and meaningful curriculum in a major, in courses outside of your major, and in co-curricular opportunities outside the classroom. They will help you to plan each of the individual parts and invite you to reflect on the bigger projects and goals you're working toward.


Learn how majors work

A major is the academic discipline that you choose to make your special focus. Your college degree will be conferred in the field of your major. Most major programs consist of about twelve courses in the subject area on which you are concentrating, and the subject area of your major is often — though not always! — connected with your career interests and professional goals.
Choosing a major is one of the most significant decisions you will make in college. Make sure to consult with your advisors as you make this important choice, and check out the links below for additional ideas:
Choosing a Major
The Exploratory Major


Go beyond the major

Half or more of your courses are taken outside your major. They are opportunities to develop skills and discover other interests, disciplines, and ways of thinking and seeing the world. Your advisors will help you select these electives purposefully to build a meaningful curriculum that may include minors, certificate programs, or course clusters, which can enhance your knowledge and your professional development. Take a look at the links below for some suggestions on how to choose courses beyond your major:

Elective Coure Suggestions
Creating Your Own Minor 
Departmental Minors  


Go beyond the classroom

An important part of your education happens outside of the classroom. You will have the opportunity to participate in various activities both on and off campus. Remember that your leisure time is valuable, so you should be thoughtful in discerning how you choose to spend it. Students who participate in at least one university-organized extra-curricular activity have a more satisfying college experience and are more successful academically.

CUA's exciting and engaging community offers activites around campus and out in the city. Learn about the different possibilities on the Nest (our bulletin board for events), Campus Activities and Campus Ministry.