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Undergraduate Advising Center Staff 

Who is my advisor?
All first-year students, exploratory, and nursing exploratory majors are assigned an Undergraduate Advisor. To find out who your advisor is, check the list below for your LC number, look on Cardinal Station, or fill out a short form to have your advisor's contact information sent to you.

Non-exploratory sophomores, juniors, seniors, and transfer students can also request a meeting with an undergraduate advisor. Students not assigned to an undergraduate advisor may also email questions to

How do I schedule an appointment?
Call or email your advisor (see below) or complete a meeting request form.

Do I need an appointment?
Appointments are preferred but not required. If you do not have an appointment, stop by the the reception desk to ask if your advisor is available.

Where do I go for my appointment?
Stop by our offices in McMahon B-10.



Nick Atlas, M.A. 



Lynsey Hayes, M.S.



Tracey Thomas, Ph.D.