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 AP, IB & Dual Enrollment Information

AP Credits

 Will you receive college credit for your AP exam scores?  Click here to find out. To learn more about AP credits, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.


IB Credits

Will you receive college credit for your IB exam scores? Click here to find out.To learn more about IB credits, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.


 Using AP/IB Scores for Language and Calculus Placement


AP and IB scores can be used to determine your language and/or calculus placement instead of the placement exams. If you recently completed AP/IB exams and are waiting for the test scores, you have two main options:

  1. You can wait until your AP/IB test score is available in July, and then use that score to determine your placement in language/calculus courses.  

    - In the meantime, register for your other classes.

  1. You can decide to take the language and/or calculus placement exam in early June, before registration opens, and use the placement score to determine which language/calculus class to take. This means that you will not use the AP/IB test scores for placement.  

    - The benefit of this option is that you can move ahead with registration more quickly, selecting your language/calculus classes at the same time as you are selecting other classes.

The Language Placement Exam costs $74.00. You can learn more about the exam here.

The Calculus Placement Exam does not have a cost. You can learn more about the exam here.


If you complete the Language and/or Calculus placement exams and find there is a discrepancy in your placement based on your AP/IB test scores, you can consult advisors.

 Dual Enrollment Credits

If you completed college courses while in high school (i.e., dual enrollment courses), please review the course evaluation process here.


Please note that the evaluation process does not happen automatically when you submit your transcript. You must complete this form in order to have your courses evaluated.